Truth and Spin About the Stimulus

The Original Stimulus Bill, what was promised:
Spend over $700 Billion to:
Add 3 million new jobs for “shovel ready” projects.
Keep Unemployment less than 8%.

What it changed to:
New or “Saved Jobs.”

What we Got:
New – about 800 K.
New temporary census employment –about 300 K.
More government workers (and some of them ARE needed).
Saved Democrat votes – The UAW (GM takeover) and Cash for Clunkers.
Saved teachers’ education programs, but only those endorsed by the NEA.
Support for pet “green” new industries.
Some made up stats to cover the rest.
Some earmark projects for Democrat leadership.
Some real improvements in infrastructure.
Much money not yet spent.
Unemployment over 9.5%.

The real administration purpose was to claim success while moving forward to secure reliable Democrat voters.

President Obama is an inspirational speaker who talks a good story and can sway those who don’t watch the results. Part of the patter is to accuse those who disagree with him of personal attacks. (There are few who truly do attack the president, and we shouldn’t do that to eliminate that line.) But there is little substance behind the president’s words. If you point this out, you are ridiculed and called names. Most media love the flow and sound of Obama’s words, so they don’t analyze. Instead, they say, “That speech was so inspired, I could feel the hair on my leg stand up” (or something like that).

Republicans who point out the holes and offer concrete alternatives are said to have “no new ideas”, “oppose everything for political points”, and look “like funny looking tans in stuffed shirts.”

Why should we pay for more of this?


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