Let’s Keep the Constitution

Although it is never said out loud, The Obama Team wants to abandon significant parts of the US Constitution. One of the most important parts of it is the system of checks and balances, where the three branches together can have a voice in the answer.

The Constitution requires the people picked to be the Executive Department staff to have the Advice and Consent of the Senate. But this only applies to the real Cabinet. Any CZARS just can make requirements, enforce rules, and never get looked at by the Senate. Why do we need an Education Czar plus a Secretary of Education? Why do we need a Fish Czar and a Secretary of the Interior?

Another important protection is a free press. But there is an attempt to legitimize only the favorable press, and to put restrictions on those who Blog or will mention alternative ideas. Unfortunately, most main-stream media is happy to limit competition and not consider the bigger picture.

The last concept I want to mention is Protection Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure. This is an area where some conservative parties also want to limit our Constitutional rights. We need to NOT do that, and point out when the current Administration does.

These are Areas we should be fighting openly for.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Keep the Constitution

  1. I would add:

    Freedom of Religion – many in this country wish to prevent religious people from showing their faith in public places. There is a misconception that religious expression on government property would constitute a failure to separate church and state, but this is not what the original drafters of the constitution had in mind. Separation of church and state implied the rule that no one who was in a position of power within the church should be allowed to govern and that no church ideology should be the basis for the creation of laws. The Constitutional framers were men of God (largely) and the Constitution makes reference to God on many occasions.

    The right to bare arms – although I don't think we need to defend someone's right to pack an assault rifle or a bazooka, I certainly don't buy into recent attempts to remove our right to carry concealed weapons or have weapons in our homes. Criminals can and will find ways to get weapons. Disarming the citizenry is not going to stop crime…it is only going to leave us more vulnerable to crime. And frankly, the reason we have a right to bare arms is to prevent the government from forcing us to give up other civil liberties (like the right to privacy in our own homes). If the government is the only group with guns…we're all in a lot of trouble.

    The right to the pursuit of happiness (meaning…PROPERTY) – right to work movements (the idea that a person should be able to work without being forced to join a labor union) and the very libertarian drive to take away unnecessarily burdensome taxation both apply to this point

    There are a few others…but I'm sure that's enough to start conversation. 🙂


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