The Problem with "Soaking the Rich"

I’ve seen a few posts floating around the left-wing blogosphere that have basically stated the following:

“If you have a $400,000 mortgage, a nanny for your children, a gardener, and a maid, you have no right to complain that you are just scraping by and can’t absorb a tax hike. Most Americans, after all, can afford none of those things.”

There’s just one problem with this line of argument: these “wealthy” individuals are in fact employing nannies, gardeners, and maids who, by the way, make less than $50,000 per year. Demanding that the “rich” give up certain “luxuries” so that they can take on a greater tax burden is basically demanding that the “rich” put working class folks out of their jobs.

I’m a tutor. My entire income (which didn’t even clear the $30,000 line last year) comes from the discretionary spending of the upper middle class. Why, exactly, should I allow liberals to scuttle MY livelihood to finance their pet projects?

One thought on “The Problem with "Soaking the Rich"

  1. Oh but here's the best part of that argument…

    Most of those people who have $400,000 mortgages, a weekly maid service and a tutor for their kid are the ones who spend the most money at places like:

    – Non-chain restaurants and coffee shops
    – Mom & Pop boutiques
    – Antique Stores
    – Local Art Dealers
    – Community Theaters
    – Broadway Shows
    – Sporting Events
    – Non-profit charitable and Political Action groups

    After aking those folks' hard-earned money away, Liberals then would like to spend on government assistance for small businesses and start-ups (um…that's Mom & Pop boutiques, non-chain restaurants, community arts and galleries, non-profits…), spend taxpayer money to build new stadiums (sporting events), and enlarge the national endowment for the arts (local art, theater and such).

    Does anyone else find this funny? 🙂

    And oh yes…let's not forget that taxing people who would otherwise have money to spend at Christmas forces retailers to downsize their staff, and causes people who make “fine goods” (hand crafted stuff…the kind of stuff liberals LOOOOOVVE and always complain that Wal-Mart is making impossible to find) to go out of business, so yeah..the whole holiday season will suck more now because eveyrone is getting pre-packaged boring crap and not spending as much…this is bad for the economy.

    Oh…and there's more! Taxing the “wealthy” also puts additional burdens on people who's “wealth” (in terms of earnings each year) would normally go toward expanding their small businesses or their investment portfolios…those are the investors who…um…drive Wall Street. Those are the ones who we constantly hear in bemoaning tones are currently not putting their money back into the markets, which is why our recession is taking a long time to ease off.


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