Re-Worked Confrontational Thoughts from 2008 that Still Hold True

It’s time to be quite frank, Democrats: when I hear your ads rumble about a politician’s pro-life views as if they are portents of a potential end of feminism, it makes me want to vote for said politician more just to spite you.

And by the way, regarding my spite, I have a great deal more to say. For example, when one of you threatens – like someone on my Live Journal friends list did back in 2008 – to move and take “the entertainment industry, the news media, the arts, the Ivy League, good education, clean energy and health care with me,” my reaction is the following: “Good! I’ll help you pack!” And yes – I know that right about now, one or two of you are going to give me the lecture about how “we need an honorable opposition to keep our democracy healthy.” I already know this, so please stay your hand and allow me to take apart that threat phrase by phrase in an attempt to explain where my anger is coming from –

“the entertainment industry” – You mean the engines of Hollywood that have, in recent years, churned out a relentless stream of dreck that directly attacks the values I hold dear as a religious American? I’ll miss House and the odd superhero movie – and some cult science fiction fare (which is not all produced in America anyway) – but that’s about it. In reality, I go to the movies maybe three or four times in an average year, and when I watch TV, it’s usually decades-old series like St. Elsewhere and M*A*S*H or Discovery Health.

“the news media” – Ah! So you admit that the mainstream media is leftist. That makes you the first. At any rate, feel free to take Chris Matthews and all of the other attack dogs slobbering over false Palin scandals with you. I won’t mind.

“the arts” – See my above comments regarding Hollyweird. The “art world” has also been engaged in a sustained attack on my values. Indeed, post-modern artists seem to be attacking the very notion of beauty itself if the religious icons desecrated with feces and urine and the sadomasochistic pornography praised by art critics are any indication. America will be so much better off without your notion of what qualifies as “art.”

“the Ivy League” – The Ivy League is a den of iniquity beset with grade inflation, ridiculous pseudo-intellectual posturing, and attacks on academic freedom. They are not the schools they once were.

Regular people have ample reason to distrust those who have been anointed our “intellectual” class. In recent years, “intellectuals” have come out in favor of infanticide, bestiality, intercourse with minors, Molotov cocktails, and submission to radical Islam. In earlier eras, “intellectuals” argued against confronting Hitler while arguing for the eugenics upon which Hitler based his Final Solution. “Intellectuals” have also published mendacious monographs favoring free love, population control, speech codes – a whole host of cultural cancers. And many “intellectuals” are personally despicable people. Take Karl Marx, who consigned his family to a squalid, bohemian existence to better pursue his “intellectual” fancies. Take William Ayers, professor of education – and unrepentant domestic terrorist. We should bow and scrape before these people because of their supposed superior erudition?

In truth, a small-L liberal education at a top-flight school clearly does not automatically bestow upon the recipient a more finely tuned sense of what is just and right. In reality, extant in the academy today is a perverse incentive system in which our “intellectuals” are rewarded more for their ability to be outre than for their genuine penetration of the truth. It is John Adams’ formulation of spectemur agendo run amok. “Look at me, look at me! Look at how clever I am!” Ordinary people in the U.S. instinctively understand this; urban elites – even those purportedly on the right – do not.

“good education” – Don’t make me laugh. You are in favor of prohibitive union rules that make it almost impossible to fire incompetent teachers. You oppose giving disadvantaged students the chance to get out of their failing urban schools and reach their full potential. You oppose any practical attempts to hold the public schools accountable for failing to teach kids how to read and cipher. You champion ridiculous things like “whole language” – which has left many impoverished kids functionally illiterate – and “constructivist mathematics,” which has rendered an otherwise bright second grade boy I tutor unable to calculate 5+6 without drawing pictures – and that’s just one example. I could also talk about the fifth grader who doesn’t have a solid grasp on her multiplication tables, or the eleventh graders who flounder when they’re presented with an algebra problem that includes a fraction, or etc., etc. With a few exceptions, these are all kids who do not have learning disabilities, unless you count “stupid curriculum” as a learning disability. Don’t talk to me about education – not while I’m on the ground trying to fix the damage.

“clean energy” – It’s called nuclear power. It’s called cleaner coal and oil technology. It’s called the all-of-the-above approach. These ideas – if they’re not being implemented already – can all be implemented right now. Nuclear power even has the French seal of approval. But leftists like you don’t want to talk about practical approaches to solving our energy issues because, as with so many other issues, you believe that pragmatism is immoral and decry the weighing of costs and benefits when there are cosmological scores to settle.

“health care” – As a sufferer of a chronic illness who has to pay her own health insurance premiums (to the tune of over $500 per month), this issue is near and dear to my heart. I remain unconvinced, however, that your idea of what American health care should look like will be good for me or for other Americans. Threatening to take socialized health care with you is not going to change my mind.

Finally, the fact that these are the issues that leap to mind when you are enraged over politics underscores that your priorities are not in order. Okay, the energy issue is important because it ties into national security, but the arts? You seriously want to talk about the arts at a time like this? This is why I can’t trust people like you in the offices of our government.

One thought on “Re-Worked Confrontational Thoughts from 2008 that Still Hold True

  1. My position here would be…

    If the people threatening to leave this nation because they just can't stand to debate conservatives on a level playing field did leave…the robust opposition the GOP would face would be BETTER…not worse. Politics is besieged with an absolute refusal of the ideologues to actually debate honestly and seek the truth. Even if we still have to weed out the scourge of the GOP to end the spin, losing the leftist side of the spin-doctoring of public opinion would surely improve the way political matters are discussed. After all, if elitists on the left exited stage North for Canada (may God have mercy on Canada)…there would still be plenty of people who were basically left-leaning folks but who approached facing political issues with a cooler head.


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