Some People Are Sick

I will be posting my thoughts on Waiting for “Superman” tomorrow after I’ve had some time to get them organized. In the meantime —

10:10, an environmentalist group that is urging all individuals to cut their carbon emissions by 10% to combat climate change, has produced an ad in which those who don’t cooperate with the carbon cutting agenda are blown up, horror movie style, at the press of a button. I wish I could post the actual video, but 10:10 has been very busy removing all evidence of this ad’s existence. I have personally seen it, however, and I can testify that it is deeply disturbing.

To be fair, the group has publicly apologized, but still — they thought people popping like blood-filled balloons was funny? Environmentalists scare me sometimes. Actually, no, they scare me often.


One thought on “Some People Are Sick

  1. Oh dear lord…

    That's right up there with climate scientists at East Anglia laughing giddily at the video of polar bears shredding very publicly known “deniers” into pieces.

    I hate what has become of my field of study.


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