An Unhinged Leftwing Critic Strikes Again

Salon “Jumps the Shark” With Paranoia About Secretariat’s Master Race
by Mark Tapson @ David Horowitz’s News Real Blog

O’Hehir’s claims of hyperbole and humor can’t disguise his and the Far Left’s compulsive fear of, and hatred for, the audience Secretariat appeals to. They can’t disguise the Left’s anger that their stranglehold on Hollywood is beginning to slip. That frustration boils over in O’Hehir’s dismissive complaint that Secretariat is about a:

“nonsensical but inescapable yearning to find the keys to the future in stupid ideas about a past that never existed.”

Instead, the Left would rather that we look for the keys to the future in stupid, dangerous ideas that never worked in the past. And they wish Hollywood would continue serving that progressive agenda and not make “diabolical” entertainments that embody positive messages about this country’s history, decent citizens, values and spirit.

Wow. Suddenly, despite my utter lack of interest in horse racing, I have a hankering to go see Secretariat. If it pisses the right people off…


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