3 thoughts on “Is 2010 REALLY the Dirtiest Election Year Ever?

  1. LOLOL…did they really SAY such things…to other people??

    I thought they were friends!

    I do know that back in the days of civility, the floor of Capital Hill was the scene for duels and cane fights…so…there's that argument against this being an uncivil time.


  2. Well, in truth, the candidates' supporters were responsible for most of that mudslinging. But yes – remember that by this time, Adams and Jefferson had actually had a bit of a falling out. They wouldn't speak to each other again until Adams' New Years resolution letter to Jefferson in, I believe, 1812.

    I can definitely confirm that Adams did call Hamilton a “bastard brat of a Scotch peddler.” LOL! Even their insults were more creative.


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