Pelosi for House Minority Leader!

Pelosi move is a sign that Democrats intend to fight the GOP, not cut deals
@ The Hill

Pelosi — a master vote-counter — and her liberal allies spent the latter part of the week taking the temperature of the Democratic caucus on questions of leadership. Her decision to throw her name into the ring is indication enough that the responses were favorable.

It’s also a signal that many Democrats consider Tuesday’s midterm drubbing to be unrelated either to the controversial Speaker or the major legislative victories she won in recent years, including passage of healthcare and Wall Street reform.

Rep. Michael Honda (D-Calif.), for instance, said Friday that it was the sagging economy – and not Pelosi – that torpedoed Democrats in 2010.

To this, I can only say: RUN, NANCY, RUN. If you get elected House Minority Leader, that will only confirm that your party is hopelessly tone-deaf.


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