A Harsh Truth

Here’s the left’s latest spin on last week’s election: “The GOP wave doesn’t represent the will of the people because the voter turnout was low.”

My response: The size of the voter pool doesn’t matter. The civic engagement of the voter pool does.

The midterm voter pools have always been smaller, and the people who vote in these lower-profile races are generally people who are more invested in the future course of our nation. I hate to say it, but the opinions of people who keep carefully up-to-date on important political issues and vote in every election should take precedence over the opinions of those who can’t be arsed to get off their butts and vote when the presidential office is not up for grabs.

I suppose on this issue, I’m a bit of an elitist. I don’t want 100% voter participation. I don’t want a 100,000 18-year-old know-nothings flooding our polls to vote for the Daily Show ticket. I prefer to leave our fate in the hands of a much smaller group of informed teenagers regardless of their political leanings.

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