Alas, Poor Fimian

It looks like VA-11 is going to Connolly. I received an email from Fimian yesterday which stated that his campaign has decided not to seek a recount, as Fimian feels he can’t justify the expense to the taxpayers of Virginia (the vote was close enough that, under state law, Virginia would have to foot the bill).

On the one hand, I appreciate that this is a classy move. On the other hand, I sure wish our candidates weren’t such good sports, as that definitely puts us at a disadvantage when we battle the Democrats (who certainly have no such scruples when it comes to spending money to divine voter intent from dimpled chads).

This result is not unexpected – most people around here work for the federal government and therefore have a vested interest in keeping it bloated and wasteful – but it is still a heart-breaker. Phooey!

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