Get Ready to Govern; We’ll Be Watching

Message to our incoming House:

The GOP has been slammed before for being “nice.” Now is not the time to be nice; now is the time to be clear. “Meeting in the middle” is not an option. That way gives undue advantage to your opponents. That way allows the left to frame the debate. You must be ready and willing to present your own positive agenda. Don’t allow the media to portray you as the obstructionist “party of no”.

Obama is now calling for compromise. Of course he is, because that line has worked on the GOP before. That is why government spending has increased since 1994 (the last time we had a big red electoral wave). You need to stop this spiral. If you don’t cut spending, the voters will once again turn on you and bring in the party that doesn’t even bother to be fiscally responsible. It’s stupid, I know, but it has happened time and time again.

Printing more money is not going to solve our woes. We need to tighten the national belt.

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