One thought on “Whittle, Part VI

  1. The long history of military conquest exists for any…and every…piece of land in existence. Mexico, Canada, New York City…everywhere. We have a right as a nation – and most other nations behave this way – to decide how we, its' citizens, desire to live, and to reject people who do not wish to live this way.

    This is America…we have standards that are now two centuries old…and no one…NO ONE…has the right to tell us they should be allowed to enjoy the fruits of our labor in creating this country and not be required to accept our standards. Especially since our standards are not particularly difficult to master. We ask that you know something about being a citizen here, we ask that you respect the rule of law, and we ask that you contribute to the budget with taxes if you have the means (if you earn enough). If you can't even do that much…you don't belong here. We had no problem with that concept fifty year ago. Why is it racism now?


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