When Decent Americans Rise Up

I’m sure you all have heard of Cody Alicea by now, but just in case: Cody hit the headlines last week when his California middle school (naturally) told him to stop flying the American flag on his bike because somebody complained. The school has since reversed course thanks to the public outcry, but just in case, the American Legion riders arrived in force Monday morning to show their support:

Now doesn’t that make your inner jingo sing with pride? Message to the perpetually offended: If you don’t like the Stars and Stripes, you are in the wrong country. Just to spite you, I’m going to try to find a way to prominently display the colors on my car.

Meanwhile, Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz is one of the world’s best people, and I am so happy he’s fighting the good fight over there in Boystown, Chicago. Why? Well, consider his willingness to stand up for an innocent child:

Trig Palin was born to be a teacher… and I hope you open yourselves up to learn from this angel undercover

I call this baby angel undercover because I honestly believe God sent him here to teach all of us great personal love for the differently abled.

His birth was a miracle: it looked like the Palin nuclear family tapped out with precocious Piper, but then along came Trig, clean out of nowhere, unexpectedly.

Like he was on a Top Secret Mission here on Earth.

Little Trig came on the scene right before his mother rose to national prominence.

It seemed perfectly timed, by God, for Trig to be exactly the right age for maximum cuteness the night Governor Palin addressed the Republican National Convention, with all eyes in the world on her.

And there was big sis Piper, holding the angel undercover, loving on him, straightening his wispy fine hair with licks to her hand before gentle smushes across his dome.

He napped contentedly, tuckered out no doubt from all the travel and fuss…as tens of millions of people let his sweetness into their hearts.

That moment is permanently imprinted in my memory. I bet it is for you, too.

I now KNOW a special needs baby because I “know” Trig Paxton van Palin from that moment.

He is in my heart.

You will not mess with Trig Palin or anyone with special needs in my presence for the rest of my life.

Not on my watch, punks.

So, I got up and walked across to the douche’s table. I startled him. I asked him if he was making fun of a baby with Downs on the phone and I inquired to whom he was speaking.

“Is that your mom? Are you and your mom mocking a baby and talking about how his mother should have aborted him? Are you using the fact she chose to have that little guy as a reason to claim his mother is stupid? Is this what you and your mom are talking about, really?”.

DuJan has been ostracized in his own neighborhood because he refuses to stay on the gay plantation. The left has destroyed his career and his personal reputation, but he keeps chugging along because he believes in America and doesn’t want the Obama Choir to destroy what makes our nation great. We seriously need to keep this guy in our prayers.

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