BANG! You’re dead, failing school. (Plus the Palins)

“Parent’s Trigger” Goes National
@ Fox & Hounds

This site has highlighted Ben Austin’s and the Parent Revolution’s fight to install a “parent’s trigger” – the ability for the parents of California school children to demand improvement in their local schools. Now the movement, just taking root in Los Angeles and California, is about to go national.

Under the parent’s trigger law, if 51% of the parents of a failing school sign a petition they can redirect the operation of the school by turning to charter school operators or forcing administrative and staff changes at the school. As Austin wrote here last year, “The concept recognized a truth that school officials often discount: Parents are in the best position to make decisions about what’s right for their kids.”

SQUEE! Yes, please let this go national!

This is one of the best ideas ever. Every state should hurry up and pass similar laws.

And by the way, I love that education reform is becoming more and more bipartisan. That can only mean better results for our kids.


But now it’s time to discuss something truly important: Dancing with the Stars. I don’t watch this show. Never have. Therefore, I went downstairs to conduct an informal poll of one with Mom, who does.

Now Mom, being a reasonable adult, basically had this to say: “I will be disappointed if Jennifer Grey doesn’t win. But usually with these reality shows, the person I like never wins. Oh well.”

She admires Grey for dancing so well despite her old injuries and says Bristol Palin is only 2/3 as good by her estimation. But she also has no illusions; she knows that reality shows have never been merit contests. NEVER. Mom remarked, for example, that she’s always liked the second place winner on American Idol and very rarely has cared for the first place winner. “Sometimes I think those votes aren’t actually from real Americans,” she stated. But does she care? No.

This is how a sane, rational individual should approach a contest like Dancing with the Stars. Much of the left, however, is not sane and rational. Instead, they are shrieking in rage because Bristol Palin seems to be winning what is, in truth, a popularity contest. One guy even shot out his television over it! That’s how deeply Palin Derangement Syndrome has rooted itself in our opponents. They can’t stand to see even one Palin get a moment in the sun.

So what if a bunch of Sarah Palin fans are getting together and voting for Bristol because they like her mother? Dancing with the Stars is just not important enough for you to care. The fact that leftists on HuffPo and elsewhere are ginning up nontroversies (borrowing another word from Kevin DuJan here) over a stupid reality show is just further proof that their priorities are not even close to being in order. And they want us to give them the keys to our government? Ha!

These people have now inspired me. I’m going to find out when the voting lines open up for this show’s finale and put in my five votes for Bristol. Why? Because if Bristol gets the mirror ball, these Palin-haters will probably squirt blood out of their eyes. I want to see lefty heads spin Exorcist-style. I want to see the folks at HuffPo throw tantrums like two-year-olds. And I want to sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch. I think such an eventuality would be infinitely entertaining.

Sorry, Mom.

PS: Sarah Palin’s Alaska crushed TLC’s previous ratings record for a series premiere. That just makes me laugh and laugh.


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