Elitists of the Left

Elitists of the Left Still Arrogant, Ignorant, and in Need of Watching
by Harold Witkov @ The American Thinker

It is my steadfast belief that Nancy Pelosi and her elitist friends on the Left view the Tea Party faithful as crude, unrefined, boorish, and uncultured oafs.

If they were not posing such a threat to the future of our country, we might find it humorous that these naïve elitists arrogantly believe that America should be remade as they see fit. We might find it funny that most of them are too clueless to see that the overwhelming majority of Americans stand firmly against them. If they were not so dangerous to the American dream, we might find it amusing that they view mainstream America with condescending disdain and Tea Partiers, in particular, as philistines.

Unfortunately, as things stand, we can hardly afford to be amused. We know that men are fallible and tyranny is always just around the corner. Our Founding Fathers made sure to pen a Constitution that intended power for the American people — certainly not for a future lot of self-ordained political priests and priestesses of the Left.

You know, I think I’m particularly sensitive to the charge that we conservatives are knuckle-dragging boobs because I am manifestly not a moron. Did I go to an Ivy League university? No, but I did go to two very good schools – Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the College of William and Mary – and graduated with an A- average, a membership in Phi Beta Kappa, and a “highest honor” mark on my senior thesis. What did our elites get on their report cards, hm? I’d like to know because I suspect my brother and I are smarter than many folks who consider themselves our “betters.”

One thought on “Elitists of the Left

  1. The good news is that even most rank-and-file liberals do not see conservatives as “stupid”…if you listen to the leaders of the Democrat party, you'll be lead to believe that everyone on the left thinks conservatives are completely without higher reasoning powers, but it's not really like that amongst the people I know at my current university.

    One of my professors is a brie-eating, cigar-smoking, wine swilling old windbag elitist…so I periodically have to hear his take on us – 'they're idiots!' – but it's not all that bad.


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