Shocking Items Lurking on Library Shelves

Seducing Teen Girls Leftward: 10 Shocking Items Lurking on the Library Shelves
by Megan Fox @ David Horowitz’s News Real Blog

Where can you find oral sex, drug use, a fondness for big government social programs and addictions to multiple sexual partners? If you immediately thought of the Clinton Presidential Library, you’re close, but it’s not the only library dedicated to debauchery.

I have spent the last week reading books and magazines I randomly selected off the public library shelves. I literally closed my eyes and just started grabbing stuff, which makes what I found that much more disturbing. The results of this experiment are filled with leftist brainwashing, explicit sex, foul language, drug use, alcohol abuse, permissive parents, abusive parents and much more.

Message to all public librarians: let’s try to keep things age-appropriate for our kids, shall we? Leaving some books off your shelves is not in fact tantamount to censorship. As Kevin DuJan has pointed out, no public library has the space or the budget to contain every book in existence. Thus, each librarian must, by necessity, make a deliberate choice to include some books and exclude others.

The First Amendment does not require that we give everyone a public stage and an audience. Use some common sense.

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