Meet the Liberal Elite!

I’ve also seen videos like this making fun of English majors and law school students:


One thought on “Meet the Liberal Elite!

  1. LOL…wow…

    Many good points there…though it is true that the GOP of 1865 was the liberal party and the Democrats of 1865 were the conservative party…as I understand it, the Republicans were founded to defend the republic from a creeping trend toward separatism between North and South…they were against slavery both morally and because it was a divisive issue that was threatening to permanently split America…every new territory we claimed had to be either a slave state or a free state and every time we did that, we have to make some kind of crazy compromise to keep the balance of power…it was exhausting and slowed progress for everyone. Hence…the GOP was the “progressive” party…they wanted a republic, not a stilted nation in a duality of existence.

    They were the liberal party then…but they were NOT!…like today's democrats. That's actually quite a misrepresentation. They would be appalled at most of the ideas floated by today's dems. I don't think that point was made quite correctly…he reduced it to “the official democrat party was pro-slavery, pro-jim-crow etc. and the republicans were the ones fighting for freedom for all”…he should have focused on what differentiated 1860s liberal republicans from today's liberal democrats.


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