Damning Numbers

The Economic Legacy of the Four-Year Democratic Congress
by Yossi Gestetner @ American Thinker

From early 2007 through the end of 2010, the Democrats had strong Majorities in — and control of — the US House of Representatives and also the U.S. Senate. Both are chambers where laws and policies that affect the economy are created and shaped.

The following table shows how the Democrat Congress performed on average during its four year tenure, vs. the average of the previous four years, 2003 through the end of 2006, when Republican were at the helm:

Jobs by Year – Average

D: -1,583,000

R: +1,672,000

Jobs by Month – Average

D: -131,916

R: +139,333

Unemployment Rate – Average

D: 7.48%

R: 5.3%

Budget Deficits – Average

D: $1.143 Trillion

R: $285 Billion

Dow (DJIA)

D: 0.13% (0.53 Total)

R: 11.04%

S & P 500

D: 1.29%

R: 15.02%

FDIC Bank Closures – Average

D: 79.2

R: 1.75

Personally, I believe quite a bit of the variation in our economy occurs beyond the control of even the Congress. Still, this certainly explains why more than half the country currently believes we are worse off now than we were a few years ago.


3 thoughts on “Damning Numbers

  1. A Dem would quickly respond that the fiscal disaster of 2007-2010 was well outside their ability to contain and the groundwork for it had been laid by the Bush administration (I think it was actually the CLINTON admin that screwed us long term re: banks and housing rates)…I don't think those numbers really tell you anything about the current dems though.


  2. The deficits tell you something about the current Dems. They tell you that as revenue fell, they didn't tighten the national belt.

    I agree that our current situation in re: the economy has been in the making for quite a while. The current Dems certainly haven't helped, though.


  3. Well no one should be surprised that the Dems' answer to fixing the economy is increased spending…FDR invented the mere concept of deficit spending. It didn't work during the depression and it won't work now…but it is a distinctly Democrat idea.


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