Merry Christmas!

Linked below is an absolutely stunning article that should not be missed:

Saved by Christmas
by Steve McCann @ American Thinker

The moral fiber of a country, and the religious basis upon which the United States and European nations developed, has been replaced by a misguided faith in people. Although mankind has accomplished great things, the human race has always been overwhelmingly susceptible to its base nature. The historical consequence of repudiating established moral and ethical guidelines is a society inevitably devoid of humility, honor, and integrity.

Within that society, the governing class inexorably develops an unrestrained craving for power and self-aggrandizement which ultimately manifests itself in the subjugation of the populace — either by force or by the exploitation of greed and envy coupled with control of the means of individual livelihood. The major casualties of this evolutionary process is the fundamental doctrine of respect for the uniqueness of all men and the recognition of the inalienable, God-given rights of life and liberty.

Over the past century, the nations of Europe, by tolerating the ascendancy of man’s ignoble nature, suffered the near-total destruction of a continent and the loss of countless millions of lives in two wars and the emergence of communism.

On its present course, the United States will also encounter an abyss of its own making. Societal upheaval will assuredly happen, culminating in the destruction of the culture and the ascendancy of those whose only interest is to make all subservient to their power and obedient to their ruthless ideology.

In order to avoid the catastrophe looming over the horizon and to weather the tumult inherent in a requisite change of direction, the nation’s leadership and citizenry must acknowledge that throughout history, the key to peace and prosperity lies in a relationship with God and in striving to live by established moral and ethical guidelines.

During the Christmas season many years ago, I stood in front of a nativity scene in a small Catholic church, unaware of God’s existence. In my most desperate hour of need, he reached out to me. My life experience bears witness not only to the devastation and failure wrought by the base aspect of human nature, but also to the fact that God is there for each of us…if we choose to accept his helping hand.

Read the whole thing. You will not be sorry.


In other news: As of now, this blog is on hiatus. Regular posting will resume on Jan. 2, 2011.

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