A Change of Subject

Desperate couple’s bid to have a girl

A couple that aborted twin boys conceived through IVF because they wanted a baby girl are trying to win the right to choose the sex of their next child.

The couple, who have three sons naturally but lost a baby girl shortly after birth, chose to terminate an IVF pregnancy when they learned the twins they were having were both boys, The Herald Sun reports.

Just one more reason why I generally don’t approve of IVF.

4 thoughts on “A Change of Subject

  1. WTF is WITH people and their self-involved fantasies? Murder is OK if you feel God slighted you by having the one girl you conceived die in utero? What…one gender has more value to you than the other?

    This is rapidly heading toward eugenics, isn't it?


  2. I don't think we're heading that way. I think we're already there. Consider, for example, the fact that babies with Downs are far more likely to be aborted than born. Older mothers are actually being pressured by doctors to get their unborn babies tested for Downs so that still more of these precious children can be destroyed.


  3. By the way, since we're approaching the March for Life, I think I'm going to spend next week talking about the pro-life movement — its history, its positions, the Church's prominent role, etc.


  4. We aren't to open eugenics yet (that would be parents being encouraged to select genetic traits that they would find most pleasing in their young and manipulating said traits in a test tube…and aborting fetuses that don't meet the criteria after experiments fail.

    But we are certainly in the phase where eugenics, as a policy, cannot be viewed as morally wrong, since we do things that are tantamount to eugenic culling already without batting an eye. 😦


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