NASA GISS head Hansen Prefers China

I am just going to post a stub thread here, because I think this deserves a bit of attention even as my co-author focuses on the “culture of death” in the coming week. This should not go unnoticed:

The Outrageous James Hansen

That’s right…China…is our cultural and environmental superior. That would be the China that has spent money it doesn’t have to build massive dams that destroy whole ecosystems, committed to building 25,000+ new coal power plants in the next year, acquired 16 of the 20 most polluted cities on Earth, increased its’ emission of CO2 by over 400% in the last decade, and now leads the world in the production of photo-voltaic cells, but is last among nations with at least 10,000,000 people in solar power as a percentage of total produced (oh they’ll build ’em and charge idiots in the west a fortune to buy ’em…but they arenn’t stupid enough to rely on solar power themselves).

That would be the China that bans Garfield cartoons because the cat’s fur is roughly the same color as skin and is therefore deemed pornography. The China that, in many places, still practices the brutal tradition of foot binding for no other reason than that some tyrant a thousand years ago thought tiny feet were hot. The China with the rich history of military conquest including the expenditure of thousands of lives building completely ineffective great walls to keep out all of it’s pissed off neighbors. The China that enforces population control measures that lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent little girls every year…oh wait a second…now I see it. Hansen has long been an advocate of population control and an opponent of free democracy. He should move to China and see if he enjoys it there.

And I don’t usually resort to saying such things…but I honestly believe he has the ideology of the Chinese government…our greatest enemy…and therefore has no place in our government and no business clinging to American citizenship.

This is your idol, AGW proponents…this is the guy you chose to carry your banner.


2 thoughts on “NASA GISS head Hansen Prefers China

  1. Hey, cut Hansen a break. If we don't get control of our national debt, China will eventually come to collect. He's just preparing to welcome our new overlords in advance.

    I'd like to give the Chinese credit for one thing: they're not letting a little thing like the international watermelon movement (green on the outside, red on the inside) knee-cap their economic growth.


  2. That's what makes this so funny…he's bowing down to China as an example for us to aspire toward…yet they are the perfect example of why communism is BAD for the Earth. It just makes no damned sense…LOL


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