Real Snow!

SABR Matt’s at the AMS conference this week, so obviously he was unable to post his traditional snow forecast for the storm that hit the East Coast last night. Too bad, because my area finally got some genuine accumulation (3-4 inches in my neighborhood, and more north and west):

Recap: Snow, thunder put on a memorable show
@ the WaPo

The Washington, D.C., area’s first major snowstorm since last year’s incredible Snowmageddon winter wasn’t so much a historic one. After all, yesterday’s accumulations (NWS | user submitted) that generally totaled 5-10″ west of I-95 (up to 11-12″ in northern/western Loudoun County and southwestern Frederick County) and 4-8″ east of I-95, while substantial and nothing to sneeze at, do occur every once in a while in the nation’s capital and surroundings.

But it did swiftly and sufficiently fill in the D.C. snow hole, and provided plenty of drama in the form of heavy rain, downpouring sleet, intense snow and numerous reports of thunder – all perfectly timed to make for one of the metro area’s worst-ever commutes. Not to mention the power outages that greeted many once they finally arrived home or shortly thereafter.

We didn’t lose power here, but we did have intermittent brown-outs for a few hours as the wind and snow picked up. I also heard sirens all night long, presumably because of our usual complement of moron drivers.

Anyhow — yay! Snow!


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