Reagan: A Damn Good President

In honor of what would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, I offer you footage of one of his greatest moments:

I was just shy of eight years old when this speech was delivered, but I still remember the days when Germany was divided. SABR Matt and I are probably among the youngest to have such memories.

One thought on “Reagan: A Damn Good President

  1. You know what is really eye-popping…watch a Reagan speech…then watch a speech by Mr. Clutch…Obama is only a good speaker in the context of recent presidents (Clinton, Dubya, Bush)…Reagan mops the f***ing floor with him. It's not even close. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

    The difference, I believe, is that Reagan could construct a speech based on a set of core beliefs that were honest and consistent with his public policy efforts. Obama's speeches are all about the words chosen and conjuring emotions from frustrated people…there was no substance there…only style. But Reagan…Reagen really did believe in cultural respect. Listen to him evoke the love and admiation of the West German people with real knowledge about what makes Germany great. Listen to his self-effacing, humble humor, SPOKEN IN GERMAN. Obama believes only in doing what is necessary to get people to BELIEVE he has respect for all cultures. You can't get people to trust you if you never tell the truth…no matter how good a liar your are, most people will sense the bullshit.

    Reagan was a strong leader on the foreign policy front specifically because it was his priority, his honest belief, that freedom was the way to happiness and prosperity (and peace). No one will ever convince me that Obama actually feels that freedom is the path to all of those wonderful things…at least not with the same conviction that Reagan did.

    This speech isn't just great because of the words…it's great because a great man was giving it…because that great man really did believe every word.


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