Liberals Are Responsible for "Deaths Due to Lack of Health Insurance"

I know my heading is an inflammatory statement, but hear me out:

In 2006, I came down with an intractable infection that landed me in the hospital several times over the course of two months. At the time, I was uninsured, so when all was said and done, I was handed a bill that totaled over $20,000. Just for a point of reference, I make about $26,000 – $30,000 a year. My hospital tab was 2/3 of my highest annual salary.

But here’s what happened next: My mother and I informed Potomac Hospital that I did not have the means to pay, and they refered me to a hospital charity set up to deal with cases like mine. This charity took a look at my income and my necessary expenses (car payment, student loan, etc.) and decided to cover 75% of my bill. The remaining 25% was spread out over a few years of monthly payments.

Whenever I hear that someone has died of an undiagnosed medical condition because they were uninsured and did not go to the doctor for fear of the potential bill, I feel sad — but I also feel enraged. These people have been scared by years of leftist rhetoric into believing that they will have to choose between medicine and food. It’s not true. If you are truly in a position where you can’t pay for the cost of your medical care, people will help you. Hospitals will eat some of your expenses. Doctors will give you discounts. Drug companies will give you free meds. Trust me, I have personal experience. You just need to know how to work the system. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to navigate these options, and that is directly because the leftist media are keeping that knowledge from them. It’s outrageous — but it also serves the left’s agenda.

Do I believe our current health care system needs to be improved? Yes. But it pisses me off when leftists use poor so-and-so, who died due to untreated heart disease, in an attempt to manipulate people into accepting Obamacare. If Obamacare is really so fantastic, why are certain organizations busily signing up to opt out?

2 thoughts on “Liberals Are Responsible for "Deaths Due to Lack of Health Insurance"

  1. Rather than saying “Liberals are responsible”…I would say that liberals have a failure of imagination. I think a lot of people within the media, within the rank and file, etc…honestly believe that the only way to avoid people slipping through the cracks and dying from disease they can't afford to treat is to make sure the government can act as their safety net. I think they are hardened to the very idea of charity…too jaded and dubious about the goodness that is within human nature to conceive of a solution to problems like these that does not involve the firm hand of law. They think the average American never gives to charitable causes…that charities can't do enough to help the people most in need without government assistance, and that conservatives who point to charity as the answer are just looking for ways to paper over the problem, rather than honestly believing.


  2. You're right, of course. My title is overly harsh. But I was pissed off last night after reading several misleading posts on Live Journal on the subject which all claimed, basically, that we conservatives want people to die just so health insurance companies can continue to turn a profit, and I believed at the time that their rhetoric needed to be thrown back in their faces. (See the post I just published for further information.)

    I'll count to ten before I post next time. 😉


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