Unholy Debt

I was working this afternoon – playing some tunes and trying to get Windows Photo Editor to let me flip through images quickly and easily (HA!) so I could get the hand verification of my research methods underway…and a favorite song of mine came up on my list: Holiday, by Green Day.

Here’s the thing…I love that song because it has a tremendously catchy beat and it fires me up…but I try to ignore the obnoxious lyrics. Well I decided today that I should try to fix that, and…in honor of CPAC and the rise of the Tea Party within that convention’s ranks (Allen West – known Tea Party conservative – is giving the keynote), I give you: Unholy Debt – all resemblance to Green Day’s lyrics is entirely intentionally…and I of course recognize that the band has exclusive rights to their art (read: please do not sue me…I believe this would qualify as fair use since no profit is sought, at any rate!).

Unholy Debt

Hear the sound of their righteous claims
Hope and change did their rhetoric proclaim
A shame, the ones who they unfairly blamed

See the unemployment rate rise,
Let’s create new jobs, Obama cries.
But read, the market makes no gains today.

I beg to dream and differ from the party line,
This is the damning of the rest of our lives,
Unholy debt.

Are we all nearly out of time?
Another tax hike, now they’ve crossed the line,
You’ll find, the money’s on the union’s side.

Tax and spend, and then pretend (amen!)
That the poor, you’re hoping to defend.
But still, subservient they’ll be to you.

I beg to dream and differ from the party line,
This is the damning of the rest of our lives,
Unholy debt.

The representative from Virginia has the floor.

Zieg heil to the media “mainstream,”
Epithets are your punishment!
Pulverize the conservative grass roots,
Who criticize big government!

Bang! Bang! metaphorical warfare,
Marginalize those who don’t agree!
Triumph by liars spreading bile,
Is not a way that’s meant for me!
Just cause…just cause we’re smarter, better, men! (or so we say!)

I beg to dream and differ from the party line,
This is the damning of the rest of our lives,
I beg to dream and differ from Obama’s lies,
This is the dawning of the Tea Party’s rise!
This is the end of unholy debt!


4 thoughts on “Unholy Debt

  1. Readers should note…half of this is tongue and cheek…intended to put the same kind of oversimplified spin on events as the spin in the original song…see how the other half likes it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. LOL

    Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I so happens that the way they sing it i the original song (their particular accent), on holiday sounds a lot like unholy day…which made me think of my version…once I had that, I had to finish it. LOL


  3. Alright…enough bashing the left in song form…to make up for my sin, I shall now sing the most appropriate prayer I can think of for my fellow left wing Americans.

    Santo…santo Obama,
    Padre de todos los ninos,
    De los tirranisados,
    De los descamisados,
    De los trabajadores, del Estados Unidos (repeat)


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