Fire ‘Em All

And yes, that includes the AWOL Democrat legislators who are blocking the democratic process in Wisconsin. They should all be impeached and replaced with politicians who will actually do their jobs.

Don’t make Gov. Walker (metaphorically) open this.

There’s at least one person on my friends list on Live Journal who is celebrating the chaos in Wisconsin as a grand crusade to “defend democracy.” I’m tempted to ask her how, exactly, refusing to show up to vote and/or busing in rent-a-mobs to intimidate the duly elected governor and legislature of one’s state counts as defending democracy, but I’m not really in the mood to argue with the brain dead.

In November, Gov. Walker won his race against Democrat challenger Tom Barrett 52% to 46%, and the Wisconsin legislature went red by a wide margin. The “will of the people” seems pretty plain to me: Wisconsinites want to fix their budget deficit.

When I hear that kids in Madison have lost three – three – days of school because their teachers are calling in “sick” to protest the budget fix, the only thing I feel is pure rage. In general, public school teachers receive higher wages and more benefits than their counterparts in the private schools — and in Wisconsin, teacher compensation in the public sector exceeds the U.S. average. Yet these same teachers are whinging because Walker, in a last ditch effort to avoid laying people off, has asked them to take a pay cut. I’m sorry — let me go call the WAAAAAAAmbulance.

As for the parts of the bill which seek to limit the collective bargaining power of public sector unions, I think the Wall Street Journal editorial board put it best:

Public unions have a monopoly position that gives them undue bargaining power. Their campaign cash—collected via mandatory dues—also helps to elect the politicians who are then supposed to represent taxpayers in negotiations with those same unions. The unions sit, in effect, on both sides of the bargaining table. This is why such famous political friends of the working man as Franklin Roosevelt and Fiorello La Guardia opposed collective bargaining for government workers, even as they championed private unions.

It’s high time for Walker to pull a Reagan. He needs to tell those teachers to get their asses back to work post haste or risk being replaced. I’m sure there are many unemployed Wisconsinites who would love to work in their state’s schools.

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