Still Think Palin is Presidential Material?

I hate to do this to ya, Steph…but…this is just pathetic:

Sarah Palin’s Secret Facebook Account

I haven’t detected a significant political bias on Failblog or its affiliated sites, though I do suspect they lean slightly left and are more apt to make fun of a right winger than a left-winger. But this is all fact-checked and the blogosphere seems to confirm it.

Why would she feel the need to pull a stunt like that? What is she trying to prove?

It’s stuff like that…stuff that makes the Tea Party easy pickings for the left-biased media…that prevents me from supporting her as a presidential candidate. I sincerely hope we choose someone more serious.

5 thoughts on “Still Think Palin is Presidential Material?

  1. And by the way, Palin is only one of several potential candidates I would favor. I also like Allen West. And while Chris Christie may be a little blue-statish, I definitely appreciate his bullish fiscal conservativism. Yes, I know Christie keeps insisting he's not interested, but still…

    I do think it would be a mistake, though, to run somebody approved by the “establishment.” Selecting someone like Mitt Romney virtually guarantees another Bob Dole moment.


  2. Why be skeptical of a former aide? I could see being skeptical of a former adversary or the aide to a former opposing candidate…but I'm not sure how you fake the gmail account being connected with Palin…that would require hacking her accounts…not undoable…but not a simple matter with gmail.

    I do agree, however, that I am uninterested in approved boring GOP long-timers like Romney and Gingrich.


  3. I'm skeptical of “former aides” because of the long history of former Republican aides publishing “tell-all” hit pieces to attract media accolades and, oh yes, quite a bit of cash from gullible lefties.


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