Media Bias in Climate Change Debate: Not Just the Press

If you think that the bias in reporting on global warming is coming exclusively from the news media’s reaction to the opinions of scientists on this contentious issue…think again.

Kerry Emanuel Urges Media to Sway Public Opinion

As glaciers melt and island populations retreat from their coastlines to escape rising seas, many scientists remain baffled as to why the global research consensus on human-induced climate change remains contentious in the U.S.

The frustration revealed itself during a handful of sessions at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., this past weekend, coming to a peak during a Friday session, “Science without Borders and Media Unbounded”.

Near the forum’s conclusion, Massachusetts Institute of Technology climate scientist Kerry Emanuel asked a panel of journalists why the media continues to cover anthropogenic climate change as a controversy or debate, when in fact it is a consensus among such organizations as the American Geophysical Union, American Institute of Physics, American Chemical Society, American Meteorological Association and the National Research Council, along with the national academies of more than two dozen countries.

“You haven’t persuaded the public,” replied Elizabeth Shogren of National Public Radio. Emanuel immediately countered, smiling and pointing at Shogren, “No, you haven’t.” Scattered applause followed in the audience of mostly scientists, with one heckler saying, “That’s right. Kerry said it.”

I provided the important text so you wouldn’t have to read this idiotic rant more than you need to. The point is…when scientists see a crowd of unconvinced Americans who think they’re being sold a lie when it comes to climate change, their response is to assume that the Americans are just too stupid to get it and tell the press to convince them.

Just what the heck kind of world do we live in? I thought the scientists’ job was to objectively seek out truth and report what they find and the media was supposed to objectively report on events, not spin the public opinion? But I’m being unspeakably naive (intentionally for argument’s sake) of course…no one truly believes the media is reporting the truth objectively.

This is reaching levels of obscenity, however, in the scientific community, that I cannot tolerate. First you have Trenberth claiming in a recent (PUBLISHED!) article in GRL that the burden of proof should be shifted to climate skeptics since their case has been made and discredited…now you’ve got Kerry Emanuel urging the media to report the same sense of consensus to the people, whether it’s real or not, to motivate them to take on the task of remediating climate change. This is OUTRAGEOUS.

Especially when the objective polls of hard scientists would suggest that there IS no consensus on climate change and a careful review of the opinions on any of the major key issues surrounding climate science reveals disagreement about…well…EVERYTHING!

Do yourselves a favor, Americans…turn off your TV during the local news and stop reading the newspaper…it’s all lies and spin. Go straight to the web and read a variety of sources to stay informed.

2 thoughts on “Media Bias in Climate Change Debate: Not Just the Press

  1. You've got to be kidding me. Stories on the imminent disaster of global warming/climate change are all over the mainstream media, and yet these scientists believe we're not convinced because they've failed to get their message out? The Democrats were insisting the same thing right before they lost the 2010 election.


  2. Like I said…Kerry's head is completely up his own ass because he enjoys the smell of his own farts (South Park refernece, for those who don't know). He's so arrogant that he believes there's no explanation for the American public's rejection of the alarmism re: global warming other than that we're selfish, greedy, or just plain stupid and the media isn't doing enough to sway opinion.


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