NASA Glory Satellite Fails

In an effort to prove, once again, that a purely public-funded “company” is utterly incapable of producing quality results at a reasonable cost, NASA failed once again to get a key set of scientific instruments into orbit…the fourth major equipment failure/disaster in the last 8 years. The Glory satellite had instruments that would be able to get accurate observations of atmospheric aerosol concentrations (small impurities in the basic soup that is the planet’s atmosphere) and their influences on Earth’s radiation budget, as well as an instrument that would make more accurate measurements of the total solar irradiance impacting the Earth. Those data would have been hugely helpful to the study of Earth’s changing climate, but instead, we are left with a cloud of debris falling into the Pacific and another group of skilled scientists with nothing to show for years of hard work. And all because NASA’s economic structure is deeply flawed.

First…some linkage on the news:

NASA fails the same way twice!

Now, some linkage to a great piece by Tea Party activist and space enthusiast Bill Whittle on the reason for NASA’s rising tide of utter failures and hemorrhaging funds – a hint: it all comes down to how public sector “businesses” make contracts with the private companies that they hire to do their work.

The Free Frontier

Let me bottom line this for you…if we ever want our space program to recover from its’ current doldrums, we must begin considering options for privatizing the mechanics of production. Let the scientists solve scientific problems and analyze the results. Let BUSINESS put us into space. I guarantee that the results will cost fewer lives, less money, and less time and produce better data.

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