Keep Praying for the Japanese (Especially the Missing)

My LJ acquaintance has not yet been found, but folks who happen to be in Japan at the moment have reported that many in her area are stuck in evac shelters with no access to phone or internet. I dearly hope that’s where she is. I don’t know her especially well, but it’s still nerve-wracking waiting for word.

The amazing video footage keeps coming, by the way:

Skyscapers swaying in Tokyo. As I said, the Japanese are genius engineers.

The tsunami coming ashore in Japan and washing away everything in sight. Unfortunately, genius engineering cannot stop a wall of debris and water.

The tsunami’s arrival across the Pacific in Crescent City, CA. It doesn’t look too impressive at the start of the video, but by the end (as you can see), the entire beach is engulfed. Yikes!

Meanwhile, on every American blog I’ve visited in the past day or so, the discussion in the comments has inevitably shifted to talk of the doom, disaster and despair that will result if Yellowstone blows, New Madrid has another 1812-style event, or the Cascadia Subduction Zone finally lets loose, which I think is kind of hilarious. I mean, I certainly won’t think it hilarious if one of those actually does happen, but the gallows humor emanating from the Pacific Northwest in particular makes me chuckle in spite of myself.

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