You know…the media should love us. Every time a team with less money than the Yankees is up against them in the post-season, they become national darlings because they’re the underdogs. Trust me…I remember this phenomenon impacting me on more than one recent occasion. I hate the Red Sox, but I cheered for them in 2004. I couldn’t care less about the Twins, but they had my support in 2005-6-7-9-10. And of course, my own team, the Mariners, enjoyed a brief moment in the spotlight, first in 1995 when they actually DID upset the apple cart and defeat the hated Yankees (in come from behind fashion), and again in 2000 and 2001 when they were the upstart west coast rival. The same underdog mentality favors Palestine in the media coverage of the middle east (because they’re the poor, “displaced” natives who’ve been ousted from their sacred land by wealthy Jews (except that, in Israel it’s totally legal to be a Muslim and they could go there right now and live peacefully if they wanted…but whatever). And the same dynamic is what appeals to Hollywood elites who need a “cause” to feel like their decadent lives matter when they back leftist organizations that claim to be in support of underdog minorities here at home or some cause of the moment abroad for which rich white Americans can be blamed in the media (and people believe this stuff).

And…I think…the same dynamic applies to liberal hatred of America and American values. A small part, perhaps, but some part of them is thinking that we’re the Yankees…that we’re bullying around a bunch of underdogs who deserve their day in the sun. It’s why NPR thinks they’re being intellectual in supporting Palestinian-favoring news coverage (because they actually believe that Jews control our media and that the Palestinians are the underdogs). It’s why when we suffered the blow of 9/11, a few of our most vocal ivory-tower elites blamed us for the tragedy (which they would never tolerate if the tragedy were a woman being raped – that would be blaming the victim, right?). And it’s at the very heart of the ideals of Communism – a bad idea that never works anywhere it’s tried because it’s antithetical to human nature, but that continues to be tried again and again because it’s fun to play Robin Hood and take from the rich to elevate the underdog…until the system collapses in on that underdog and he is crushed.

But take heart, you knuckle-dragging conservative racist bastards…your Tea Party movement is surely an underdog sensation in the making. There can be no doubt that the current established media is dominated by liberal bias that runs so deep that NPR can’t even be called the most extreme of left wing voices. They’re the fat cats now. They are the ones sitting on Michael Moore’s claimed piles of money in deep wells that we can’t get at (see his speech at Madison’s union protests). The good news is that, like in any good Hollywood movie, the fat cats tend to get complacent and arrogant. Sit down next to one of them and talk like a liberal elite and you can get them to say outrageous things…and with today’s hidden camera technology, you can record it for posterity and sting the bastards where it hurts…on YouTube and in the blogosphere where today’s underdog conservatives are waging their comeback.

Look no further than Tim O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas”…an undercover liberal-clobbering PR war machine so successful that it has single-handedly destroyed ACORN (one of the most corrupt “community organizing (read: racketeering) liberal front groups of all time), made a mockery of the New Jersey Educators Association, and exposed the antisemitism, anti-Americanism and liberal bias of NPR’s top brass. In fact, their latest video essentially proves that NPR is guilty of treason squared. Not only did they not bat an eye at supporting a clearly-religious organization with an anonymous contribution dedicated toward continued pro-Muslim slanting of news coverage (and promises that their contribution could remain anonymous and shielding from Federal scrutiny…this from a PUBLICLY FUNDED public broadcasting company). But they revealed that the same radio network execs had no problem with the knowledge that the funding would come from a Muslim Brotherhood front group whose website states that it works to spread acceptance of Sharia Law (which is, by definition a treasonous set of laws that run contrary to our Constitution).

The same liberals who wag their fingers at Christians who want to put up a manger on the public square, howling “separation of church and state, you bigot!” have no problem with a publicly funded institution backing another religion (Islam) openly…NPR – the public voice of America – is to have pro-Islam news coverage (to even things out, they claim…LOL)…that’s a considerably greater intrusion on the separation of church and state than public displays of religious reverence. And on top of that, they don’t bat an eye at taking money form people who would subvert our Constitution in favor of laws that would send women back to the stone ages as property and force us all to tolerate murder and barbaric crimes against humanity as long as they’re done by Muslims practicing Sharia. That’s compounding one treason with another and that’s despicable. But I have good news…they’re OPEN about their crimes! Because they’re no longer the underdogs. They’re the fat cats…and you can get them to say all manner of racist, hateful, ignorant, arrogant things as long as you have money to offer them and claim to agree with their politics.

And maybe someday, what remains of the Media after we’re done exposing the bias for what it is…will appreciate our underdog story. Think of it…citizens armed with nothing but genius and a few tiny cameras upsetting that apple cart Moore likes to talk about in his fat-headed speeches just by getting liberal elitists to reveal how sorry and empty their public calls for social justice truly are. “Pay no attention to the racist, backward, money-grubbing, anti-American traitors behind the curtain…your enemy is the Tea Party!! They’re the real racists!”

Please google ProjectVeritas and throw them your support if you’re able…this is the only way we can win the PR war and take back the truth.

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