Dana Loesch Has Nailed It

As she writes in her most recent post at Big Journalism:

With all of this awareness, how can bullying possibly still be a problem? We must need MORE awareness!

No, there is plenty of awareness — it’s just that the adults aren’t aware of the bully tactics they employ daily which are witnessed by thousands and thousands of youth across the country every time they happen by a news broadcast or the paper. The media is proving to be a stronger PSA campaign than any of the above-mentioned initiatives.

Bullying is a problem amongst youth because it is a problem amongst the adults and it is sanctioned by the White House and Hollywood and even carried out by the media.

See, it’s OK to bully, so long as your victim is a conservative — better yet, a Christian, Jewish, or black conservative. (And especially if your victim is a female conservative.)

Whatever your opinion may be regarding Sarah Palin’s fitness for executive office, you have to admit that her loudest detractors haven’t exactly outgrown middle school. Exhibit A: Bill Maher.

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