Double Standards

Senators Consider Hamid Karzai’s Request to Condemn Koran Burning Amid Protests
@ Fox News

U.S. lawmakers said Sunday they would consider a request by Afghan President Hamid Karzai to formally condemn a Florida pastor’s decision to burn the Koran, after the act triggered deadly riots in Afghanistan.

The protests entered their third day Sunday as demonstrators battled police in the southern city of Kandahar and, in the eastern city of Jalalabad, blocked a highway and burned an effigy of President Obama.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repudiated pastor Terry Jones for touching off the chaos with what he called a “publicity stunt.” Jones had earlier threatened to burn the Koran, but then shelved the plan until last month. The burning attracted little U.S. attention at the time but was used as a rallying cry in Afghanistan.

I appreciate that our leaders have found themselves in a tough diplomatic position. I also believe that it’s 100% accurate to characterize Terry Jones’ Koran burning as a dumb publicity stunt. BUT

— each time there is another riot in the Muslim world over some insult (real or imagined) – and each time our leaders respond with apologies and attempts to placate the rioters – I always find myself wondering where the hell that bend-over-backwards toleration goes whenever Christians are the ones offended.

A few years ago, New Asshole Atheist blogger PZ Myers made a big show of stealing and desecrating the Eucharist. Now, if you are faithful Catholic – as Sub Spike, SABR Matt, and I all are – you believe that at the moment the priest delivers the Consecration, the bread and wine wholly become Christ’s Body and Blood. Though those wafers that are distributed during Communion still retain the accidents of their original nature (i.e., they still taste like bread), they are God in their substance. Thus, for a Catholic such as myself, desecrating the consecrated Host is one step above burning holy writ because you are quite literally desecrating God Himself.

Now, did any of our prominent heroes of compassion and toleration come forth and condemn Myers for his extremely bigoted and disrespectful act? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall nothing of the sort. It is not fashionable to defend Catholicism, you see. It is not fashionable to defend Christians of any denomination. We are perceived as the source of all evil in the world despite the fact that offended Christians are more likely to write pissed off letters to their Congressmen than to charge into the streets lopping off heads.

And that right there gets to the root of it. Our leaders kowtow to extremist Muslim agitators because they are afraid of what those agitators might do next. What does it say about an ideology like Islamism that it must use the tactics of terror and intimidation to win respect?


One thought on “Double Standards

  1. No political leader would condemn Christian-bashing and intolerance toward Christianity because Christians tend not to respond to such acts violently, thus no pressure is applied to the politicos to respond.

    It would, however, be nice to see America defend Christianity as one possible path toward a greater good for the world, rather than simply ignore it entirely while it's attacked by ever other major institution.


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