A Note to the Republican Leadership:

If in fact the federal government does shut down, you need to head to every talk show and news program in existence and repeat until you’re blue in the face that the Democrats refused to make a deal in order to protect Planned Parenthood. And you need to be clear that the Democrat position is the extreme position. The Republican House is not proposing that we outlaw abortion. The Republicans are proposing that we allow tax payers to decide for themselves whether they want their hard-earned money to fund the practice. And if people start whining about health care for women, you need to give Abby Johnson the floor so she can shoot down that tissue of lies. Yes, there are individual Planned Parenthood employees who do care for the well-being of women, but that is certainly not the goal of the organization in general. If Planned Parenthood were truly concerned about women, they would work much harder to prevent the sexual exploitation of underaged girls. Moreover, if what they do for women is so wonderful and necessary, then surely they can ask for funding from their supposed scores of fawning supporters.

Again, Republicans, when you speak to the American people, frame it this way: The Democrat Party wants to force us to fund a key entity in the national abortion industry whether we agree with abortion or not. That is what is at issue here. As with PBS and the NEA and a host of other pet liberal programs, the Democrats have decided that abortion is a public good that must be funded, and if you disagree, you are a mean, evil person who eats babies, kicks little old grandmothers, and cheers whenever a woman dies of breast cancer. As far as the Democrats are concerned, when it comes to Planned Parenthood, those of us who happen to be conscientious objectors should just sit down, shut up, and take it up the rear. We should refuse to stay silent. (/rant)

2 thoughts on “A Note to the Republican Leadership:

  1. This shutdown is deeply afectring my friends and colleagues in atmospheric sciences, so I have deeply mixed emotions…the left is refusing to deal and no matter how I try to frame the issue for feelow NWS mets and others working on NOAA grants, I can't convince them that the Dems are to blame…they see it as the republicans proposing big cuts all at once…too much too fast. I don't think the GOP is going to win this war…in fact I think we're about to see an ugly reprisal of the disaster of Ginrich's congress (i.e. the public backlash in 2012…both from the lefties who are afraid of losing entitlements and from the conservatives who don't think the GOP has the stones to stand up for what they believe and/or think they're cutting the wrong things).

    Bottom line…this is not at all a good thing for the GOP, for the Tea Party…or for conservatism in general. And I don't see how it ever will be. We are screwed…we can't NOT fight for smaller govt…the people will hate us for wussing out…but we can't fight for it…the Dems won't deal.


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