The Failure of American Schools

The Failure of American Schools
by Joel Klein @ The Atlantic

If the forces behind reform seem scattered and weak, those defending the status quo—the unions, the politicians, the bureaucrats, and the vendors—are well organized and well financed. Having spent eight years trying to ignite a revolution in New York City’s schools under Bloomberg’s leadership, I am convinced that without a major realignment of political forces, we won’t get the dramatic improvements our children need.

This is a long and illuminating article which, among other things, details the uphill battle reformers must fight to change the way public education is delivered in this country. Go and read.

One thought on “The Failure of American Schools

  1. I remain convinced that technology will save us…yet again…from our own power-hunger and stubbornness. I think home-schooling is about to explode, to be honest. It's cheaper than private school, and companies are likely about to leap into existance that can promise quality teaching by members of the public who are experts in their field, not in “education”…and you'll see depserate parents leap all over that.


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