Asteroid To Buzz Earth Monday, June 27th

Asteroid 2011 MD, a chunk of rock estimated to be 25 to 55 feet (8 to 18 m) across, is expected to pass less than 8,000 miles above Earth’s surface around 1 p.m. EDT (17:00 UT) on Monday, June 27th. The actual event will be observable only from South Africa and parts of Antarctica, but the approach will be visible across Australia, New Zealand, southern and eastern Asia, and the western Pacific.

The asteroid was spotted on June 22nd by LINEAR, the Lincoln Near-Earth Research project. Its discovery was announced on Thursday morning by the Minor Planet Center.

Granted, this object is not really a threat, but it does make you wonder about the NEO’s we haven’t discovered yet.

One thought on “Eeep!

  1. To be fair, this particular NEO would be reduced to a halo of tiny dust and pebbles by the time it reached the troposphere. It's too small to ever actually impact the surface intact.

    But one does wonder how much warning we'd have if, say, a 500 meter wide rock were going to come this close. We'd probably see it a bit sooner…but soon enough to get a nuke off to stop it?


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