Behold the Results of an Elite Education:

Harvard: July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing
U.S. News and World Report

Democratic political candidates can skip this weekend’s July 4th parades. A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turn kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day.

“Fourth of July celebrations in the United States shape the nation’s political landscape by forming beliefs and increasing participation, primarily in favor of the Republican Party,” said the report from Harvard.

This has to be the stupidest study ever published — and believe me, it has stiff competition. I’m sure there’s a correlation between Republican Party affiliation and enthusiasm on the 4th of July, but there’s no way in hell that these ivory tower dunderheads were able to prove causation.

One thought on “Behold the Results of an Elite Education:

  1. Seriously?

    They're going to say that 4th of July celebrations are evil because conservatives like them? It's evil to like your country and its' history? Evil to celebrate the birth of freedom in the Americas? Evil to partake in fireworks and parades and joy and to give thanks for what you have? That's brainwashing now? That's indoctrination?



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