America’s biggest teacher and principal cheating scandal unfolds in Atlanta
@ The Christian Science Monitor

The Atlanta cheating scandal also offers the first most comprehensive view yet into a growing number of teacher-cheating allegations across the US, reports of which reached a rate of two to three a week in June, says Robert Schaeffer, a spokesman for the National Center for Fair & Open Testing, which advocates against high-stakes testing.

It’s also a tacit indictment, critics say, of politicians putting all bets for improving education onto high-stakes tests that punish and reward students, teachers, and principals for test scores.

Actually, I think it’s an indictment of lazy teachers and administrators who don’t want to put in the extra time and effort to ensure that their students pass on their own merits.

Don’t get me wrong — I do think there are problems with our tests. For one thing, they are ridiculously easy! But scrapping high-stakes standardized tests entirely would be a foolish move, as the alternatives are even more vulnerable to unethical manipulation.


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