Stifling the Future of Education

Virtually Irrelevant:
How Certification Rules Impede the Growth of Virtual Schools

published by the John Locke Foundation

Christensen, Horn, and Johnson ask, “Escalante was an exceptional teacher. Why not capture Escalante’s instructional magic on film and make it available to schools anywhere?” To put a modern spin on the question, “Why not capture someone with Escalante’s instructional magic on a computer and make it available to schools anywhere?”

The technology to deliver high-quality online instruction exists, but a teacher of Escalante’s caliber without the right teaching certificate would not be permitted to teach in online schools in other states. Why? That teacher would not have the credentials needed to teach in each of the states offering the course. Unless the teacher possessed a current North Carolina teaching license, for example, the NC Department of Public Instruction would not permit him or her to teach in this state, regardless of talent.

It’s time to move beyond the status quo, folks. Our students would do better in math and science if they were taught by professionals in those fields.


One thought on “Stifling the Future of Education

  1. That's funny…I just rewatched Stand and Deliver last night…

    Escalante was popular amongst lefties back then for fighting a perceived racial barrier to upward mobility…but he would be a STAR today amongst conservatives for fighting establishment teachers and their thuggish unions in the quest for higher standards and real progress, rather than comfortable teachers.


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