5 thoughts on “In Case You’re Wondering, It’s Effing Hot!

  1. Record Highs along I-95:

    Newark, NJ: 108 F (ALL TIME for JULY)
    Trenton, NJ: 106 F (ALL TIME!)
    Washington Dulles intl.: 105 F (one shy of all time mark set July 9th, 1995)
    LaGuardia, NYC: 104 F (ALL TIME for JULY – TIED)
    Raleigh, NC: 104 F (ALL TIME for JULY)
    Baltimore-Washington intl.: 103 F (ALL TIME for JULY – TIED)
    Philadelphia, PA: 103 F
    Albany, NY: 102 F
    Boston, Back Bay, MA: 101 F (ALL TIME!)
    Washington National, DC: 101 F (Daily record tied)
    Islip, NY (Long Island): 100 F (1 short of all time record set July 7th, 2010)



  2. Personal anecdote…

    I went to a water park today to enjoy a day off and…it was so hot that the INSTANT you weren't in water, you were hot. I mean this literally…we were having fun in the wave pool and you could stick you hand up mere inches from the water's surface and feel the heat…some of the cooler water was producing steam fog in reverse (normally, you get fog when cold air moves over warm water…here, we were seeing fog from the air above the water surface cooling and reaching its' incredibly high (78 or so) dewpoint…producing steam in the air…not wafting off of the water!)

    I managed not to get sunburned, but I did start feeling a bit asthmatic from the stagnant, moisture-laden oppressively hot air after several hours. It was a similar feeling to what you frequently experience when you run hard in cold weather (a tight, tingly, burning sensation in your lungs when you take deep breaths). My office mate complained of the same problem by the end so we left a couple of hours early despite having a ton of fun.

    This is actually dangerous heat, folks…even a fun afternoon turned rather ominous for us…and that was at a water park…and soaking wet…in light weight, light colored clothing…with plenty of access to water to drink. What must this be like for less healthy, older folks or people without a place to go to cool off?


  3. Oh…and I will actually calculate your heat index based on the dewpoint (assuming the high was comparable to Reagan National).

    T: 101 F
    RH: 39% (the 55% had to be the indoor RH…because a 55% RH with an air temp of 100 would be 81…and none of the nearby obs look even close to that)
    TD: 71

    Heat Index: 111

    If the 55% really was outside…then the dewpoint was 81 and the heat index was 127…LOL


  4. That would probably indicate that the hygrometer has drafted some…or maybe it really was that humid near our house due to some nearby stagnant water or emissions from the many ACs on our row.

    Either way…very…very hot.


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