People DID Complain About Spending Under Bush

I hear the following complaint a lot from Obama’s defenders:

“Where were all these Tea Partiers when Bush was increasing the debt? They’re only whining now because they don’t like Obama.”

There are several answers to this. Number one, as many people have already pointed out, while Bush’s spending habits were certainly unwise, Obama’s are worse. Number two, during the Bush presidency, the economy did not suck hose water, so the American public in general was less concerned about government waste.

But perhaps more importantly, people did complain about government spending under Bush. You didn’t hear it from the establishment in DC because the fumes of the Potomac River tend to warp the brains of even the staunchest Republicans, but within the conservative/libertarian movement (i.e., in the think-tanks and non-profit organizations), criticism of government waste has been consistent theme for decades. The Porkbusters movement began in 2006, but we also have Citizens Against Government Waste, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, etc., and all of them were arguing for limited government and responsible spending long before President Obama took office. But again, back then, times were good, so that message didn’t really resonate with the average American voter — and consequently, the Republicans then in Congress didn’t take notice.

In sum: quit trying to evade your messiah’s profligacy, lefties. It makes you look petty.

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