Good News!

The July crunch is now over. On Sunday, I successfully cast my Hugo Awards ballot.

What does this have to do with Right Fans Poli-Talk? Well, because I have finished reading the nominated stories and novels included in my voter packet, I can finally get back to some of my real-world oriented works in progress — and that means more original political content on this side of our blog. Woot!

From this point forward, I hope to publish long posts here at least two or three times per week. Links – or commentary from other contributors – will fill out the remaining days.

And speaking of links: Are you one of the many who refuse to watch Obama’s television appearances (opting instead to read the transcripts later) because you just can’t stand to listen to him live? Well, Belladonna Rogers of Pajamas Media seems to have hit upon the reason for your instinctive aversion to the current POTUS:

Coping With Obama-Induced Irritation Syndrome (OIIS): A Guide for the Perplexed

When you add it all up, it’s clear that Obama deploys mockery, derision, humiliation, ridicule, contempt, scorn and downright nastiness when he’s outside the comfort zone of people he knows and likes. His forays into the heartland seem to evoke either anxiety or hostility that he tries to mask with what he thinks is humor but that comes across to others as a screeching fingernail across the blackboards of our souls. He’s not the smooth, cool guy his PR machine imagines he is: he’s a snob, and a nasty snob at that. He seems to be utterly unaware of how he comes off: unconscious of the intolerance, the disrespect, and the profound ignorance of how people unlike himself and his cronies live, think and feel.

This times a billion. I also think over-exposure is playing a role. Obama’s media boot-lickers have put him on TV so many times that folks like my Mom are sick of seeing his face (let alone of hearing him talk down to the rest of us).

One thought on “Good News!

  1. You know…I think people would be wise to, rather than dismiss an angry person, ask where his anger comes from. Americans are VERY angry right now…there has to be a reason. Obama dismisses the anger…assuming it is the product of a lack of understanding about what is good for them. A better man would ask “why are so many people angry?” The bottom line…at least to me…is that we're angry because our government no longer represents us. It hasn't for some time.


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