This right here is everything that is wrong with this country in a nutshell.

I just got this in my e-mail box…a lovely way to begin an evening this pure white hot rage…really makes a guy feel centered before he starts work on his thesis.

Read it…stare in awe at the audacity and hopelessly out of touch rhetoric.

> Dear friend,Top 10 tips
> More than 10,000 people have joined us in urging President Obama to make our cars cleaner. Strong fuel efficiency standards could be the most important policy ever enacted to reduce our oil dependence and global warming pollution.
> Our oil dependence is a big problem that demands bold solutions, which is why we’re calling for a 60 mpg standard. But small changes can also add up to a big difference.
> Read below for our Top 10 Tips to use less oil and shrink your carbon footprint. Then share the list on Facebook to help your friends reduce their impact too.
> 1. Keep up on your vehicle maintenance. On average, an efficient engine could cut your gasoline use by over 46 gallons per year, saving you $139 and reducing your carbon footprint by 900 kilograms per year.
> 2. Keep your tires inflated and invest in low-rolling resistance tires. With well-inflated advanced tires, you’ll save over $50 per year on your gas bills.
> 3. Drive efficiently. Driving at a steady, reasonable pace can reduce your fuel use by as much as 15 percent. That means over $175 per year in savings on gasoline, and over a ton of carbon removed from the atmosphere per person.
> 4. Get rid of unnecessary weight in your car. Your fuel efficiency drops by 1 percent for every 100 pounds of stuff that you keep in your car, so it pays to clean out your trunk.
> 5. Carpool. Social networking websites like eRideShare have made it increasingly easy and convenient to match up with people with similar commutes. And companies such as NuRide offer discounts at restaurants, free tickets to events, and other rewards to commuters who carpool, vanpool or find other green ways to commute to work. [1]
> 6. Consider telecommuting as an alternative to the daily drive to work. New technologies are making it easier and easier to do more of your work from home. Working from home saves Americans an average of 46 minutes a day on their commute, which adds up to over 100 hours a year that would otherwise be wasted in traffic—more than the total vacation time many of us earn in a year.
> 7. Be efficient with your shopping and other travel. When you can walk, walk. When you have to drive, plan ahead and try to hit multiple stores in one trip. Shopping locally saves the gasoline consumed by trucks and ships transporting goods, and shopping online saves the gasoline costs of driving to the store.
> 8. When you purchase a car, consider its energy costs and impact on the environment. This summer alone, a 60 mpg car would save the average consumer over $500 at the pump. Plug-in electric vehicles, meanwhile, offer superior driving performance and can be operated for just pennies per mile while producing no tailpipe emissions.
> 9. Prioritize public transportation and walkable, mixed-use communities when you choose a home. Online resources such as the Housing and Transportation Affordability Index can help you figure out which neighborhoods have the most transportation choices. [2]
> 10. Tell your political leaders that you want real transportation alternatives to get us off oil. The first step is for President Obama to set fuel efficiency standards for passenger vehicles at 60 mpg by 2025. The second step is for Congress and state leaders to pass legislation that will provide more transportation alternatives, and invest in electric vehicles. Follow our campaign at our Twitter and Facebook pages and help get this country off oil.
> Help us get the word out by sharing this list on Facebook.

> Thanks for all your support.
> Sincerely,

Ben Wright
> Environment Massachusetts Advocate

Now…I have no problem with people passing around prudent suggestions for fuel economy…in this market, they can serve to help us get through the crushing Obama administration’s love of market controls on the energy industry. But it crosses the line when the entire article leads off with “we’re pushing for 60 mpg fuel efficiency standards” and finishes with “tip number 10…call you congressman and tell him to enact tough fuel standards!”

How about NO?!!! How about a big fat NO THANKS, asshole.

60 mph standards? This, right here, is everything that is wrong with America today. Washington doesn’t belong to the people anymore…it belongs to the PACs. And the PACs know not one good God damned thing about how normal Americans need to function on a daily basis…they’re largely run by ivy-league educated majors in public policy, sociology, political “science” and, yes, that most practical of all majors…English. The kinds of people who think it’s a GOOD idea to tell Americans that they should telecommute (that would be quite the trick if you’re a construction worker or a sales clerk) to work and only live within walking distance of their jobs whenever possible have never lived as ordinary Americans. They were privileged from birth, for the most part.

Hey, guess what, you pie in the sky wackos…some of us have to deal with REALITY.

And the REALITY…is that the market has not provided us with a feasible, affordable method of transportation that runs at 60 mpg. Not even my father’s hybrid has that kind of efficiency, and he paid a lot for it because he thought it was technologically cool (he’s a dork like that). And’s not that the market isn’t providing these options because Americans are too stupid to demand what’s best for them. The market hasn’t provided that kind of option because the technology to make it affordable simply does NOT exist yet!

Recent history is LITTERED with examples of our government and the governments of Europe and China and Japan attempting to FORCE the market to provide what they think the people need, and the result is always disastrous for the market and for us. The bottom line is…Ivy Tower Massachusetts elitists want you all living in urban neighborhoods, eating only the food that’s locally available – especially vegetarian and organic diets now, because those are superior! – and working either from home or very near your home. They want you to give up your freedom to travel. They want you trapped in your district. And they want you to think it’s a GOOD idea. Obama’s people even tried to convince Congress to pass an energy law that would TAX YOU for each mile that you traveled by car (auspiciously so that those mileage taxes could be used to maintain our vast road network…you know…the network no one in their right mind would use if they had to pay taxes every time they did). And these folks who think they know what’s good for us, whether we like it or not, they have nothing but contempt for what we ACTUALLY want.

Here it is, liberal elitists…here is what we want.

FREEDOM! Freedom to drive wherever the hell we want whenever we want. Freedom to load up the car and travel on road trips just for the hell of it! Freedom not to feel confined to rigid train or bus schedules. Freedom not to be forced to travel with a set carpool group with whom we may…or may not!…get along. Freedom to work in the ways that make the most sense to us. Freedom! That’s what we want. That’s why we’re “addicted” to fossil fuels. WE DON’T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THEY DO IN EUROPE! In overcrowded city streets with no air conditioning and no cars and narrow roads. That isn’t who we are.

You want to save the planet. Even if I granted that CO2 emissions from cars posed a large hazard to our environment in the near term (and I don’t…but let’s put that aside)…I laud you for caring about your environment and I urge you to push for laws that make sense to the common American…not to look down your noses at him/her and assume that they’re just too selfish or too stupid to know what’s good for them.

Push for LESS government favoritism for certain businesses…not more. Get rid of oil subsidies…get rid of FARM subsidies (so that small farms again become economically viable increasing local food supplies)…get rid of tech subsidies for “green jobs” (so that the real energy industry demands can force the market freely…I assure you, the result will be better than overpriced hybrid cars for which you get a tax break)…tell your Representatives to push for unfettered free markets…that will spur growth in the energy sector, reduce the cost of your gas, and AT THE SAME TIME…push us forward into the oil-free transportation alternatives that ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE for the average American. Be patient, you college know-it-all…it won’t happen overnight…but the best things in life don’t happen quickly and society won’t accept changes that are forced on them by fiat without consideration for their preferences.

In short…grow up..get the hell out of our way…and get a real job. You know..something that doesn’t involve whining and moaning in Washington about how pathetic the rest of us are and demanding impossibly unattainable things of American society. Like the nonexistent 60 mpg car that doesn’t cost 45 thousand dollars.

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