Meanwhile, In Wisconsin…

Pardon this drive-by fruiting, but…

The recall wave is now over and…the Dems lost. Again.

The last real shot to overturn Walker’s union-busting legislation has cleared the bow…they’re out of bullets!

Vigilance is the key now…the state can’t let control slip back to the Dems in the short term. Give the Walker bill a chance to fully work, and the anger will be gone amongst the populace. But for today…


3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Wisconsin…

  1. Oh, and by the way — the recall wave isn't quite over yet. Next week, a couple of fleebagger Dems face their own recall elections. And early next year, Gov. Walker himself becomes eligible for recall. So we do have to stay vigilant.


  2. Walker won't get recalled…without Senate control, the Dems have essentially no chance, as I understand it, to successfully recall Walker. Not while the people are, at best, evenly divided over whether a recall should even occur. But yes…there is one more GOP threat. Hopefully, it won't happen.


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