Iowans are Idiots.

Sorry, Steph…I know you will be annoyed with this sentiment, but people need to vote more wisely than they did in the straw poll.

How anyone could have watched the debate on Thursday and concluded that Bachmann was even CLOSE to ready to be our candidate to take down Obama is beyond me. Bachmann has no business running for President…she’s not ready…too young and too short on real executive leadership experience (and results, for that matter). We have GOT to pick more intelligently than this if we’re going to beat Obama. Not that I entirely fail to understand the desire for the uber-conservative hard-nosed fighter type…and not that I disagree with Bachmann’s views on most of the key issues (though I think she leans further to the right than I’m comfortable with, personally)…but it’s NOT ENOUGH to have strong beliefs and be willing to defend them at all costs. Whether we like it or not, the President has to play the game…they have to be a politician – savvy with the media and with the Legislature. They can’t take every issue as personally as Bachmann seems to…and they certainly can’t refuse to compromise AT ALL.

And frankly…do I have any reason to believe that Bachmann has command over global geopolitics, economics (beyond the basics), or military strategy? Where is her case for that? I’ve seen nothing in any of her public appearances that’s made me feel like she could actually GOVERN this nation. A nice lady…a fine businesswoman…a good mom…and no doubt, morally upstanding…but a President? Now? Not on your life. And not on mine, either.

Iowans…you have GOT to set a better example for the GOP than this, because, for some inane reason, you’re the first state in Primary season and you set the tone for the campaign. Character is a HUGE part of being a good president, but so is worldly knowledge and leadership experience. Bachmann has neither in sufficient measure to be our head of state. If she ends up at the front of our ticket, we’re SCREWED.

So there you go…I’m sorry, but if Iowans are going to vote like this…then Iowans are idiots. I’m not thrilled with most of the candidates…if I had to pick right now, it would probably be Rick Perry, but he’s got the benefit of being the new guy and I’m sure stuff will come out about him that will make me think twice before this is over. Failing that, I favor Newt Gingrich, who, for some reason, Republicans seem not to like. I confess I don’t know everything about his voting record in the 80s.

I just know one thing with clarity…Michelle Bachmann has ZERO chance of getting my vote in the NY GOP primary. ZERO. But in Iowa…all it takes to get elected are big, meaningless words about good intentions. Call me in eight years or so when Bachmann’s actually led a legislative effort in Congress that PASSED…and had beneficial results.

2 thoughts on “Iowans are Idiots.

  1. I wouldn't worry about the results of the Iowa straw poll. It rarely predicts the Republican nominee.

    That being said, I would like to have a Republican candidate who has both the experience and a willingness to be hardnosed on the key issues. What we don't need, in my opinion, is a white-bread, establishment Republican who's just going to roll over and take it when the Democrats peddle their ridiculous lies and distortions. But YMMV.


  2. Well I believe that was my point. I was arguing that the presidency is about character AND experience…and so far, all of our cnadidates have one or the other…maybe Rick Perry is the guy since he does have executive experience and a taste of Southern Christian character.


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