Election News

This will be a general round-up thread, to keep us up to date on the potential candidates for the GOP.

A few general news items:

A new contender? George Pataki might be getting into the race:

Reuters has the story.

Pataki is a social moderate, but all indications from New York residents indicate that he was ENORMOUSLY popular here (and would have been in power longer if not for NY’s gubernatorial term limits) for hsi no-nonsense approach to fiscal reform in the state. He was hindered by a legislature as useless as the one in Washington and a state that is slow to accept changes, but his GOP supporters in NY credit him with being invaluable in revitalizing the economy of NYC.

When your left-of-center friends hear that Pataki is getting into the race and say “I would actually vote for him!” with the kind of excitement that suggests they’re looking for anything they can get behind to take out Obama…you have to give that some thought.

Another interesting little nugget:

From the UK Telegraph (and several other papers):

John Huntsman continues to run as “the guy who’s hoping to get in as a VP” and, although he protests that he’s super serious! about winning the Iowa primary and the nomination, he has been linked to Bachmann…maybe Michelle figures that a moderate on her ticket would ease moderate GOP voters’ minds about getting behind her candidacy?

We’re in a bit of a quiet period while we wait for the debate in Florida…but it seems like the consensus amongst GOP insiders is that “all of these candidates suck…let’s keep throwing spaghetti at the wall and maybe something will stick!”

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