And PS: No, the Tea Party Audience Did NOT Cheer for the Death of the Uninsured

Take a look at the raw video posted here. There was no ovation. No widespread cheering. It was a couple of loudmouths who spoke without thinking.

And anyway, as I noted in my last post, the premise of Blitzer’s question was false. Everyone has access to care regardless of one’s ability to pay. If a young man totals his car and is brought to the nearest emergency room, he will be treated. That’s the law. The question of payment is broached much later — and often, the hospital will simply say, “Well, based on your financial situation, we’re going to forgive 75% of your expenses. As for the rest, let’s set up a payment plan you can afford.”

Again, this is an area in which the left’s penchant for blatant emotional manipulation really enrages me. I have been uninsured, and at no time during that period did any doctor turn me away. As a matter of fact, my rheumatologist charged me a discounted price for his services, a drug company gave me free medication, and after one hospital stay in 2006, the majority of my bills were covered by charity care. The medical community is not ghoulish. Most people go into medicine because they sincerely want to help people. 

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