Not a Pivot; Just a Head-Fake

I’m Back

About a year ago I was in the hospital bedridden due to a severe cellulitis infection in my right foot. My brain was working however, so I had Stephanie set up a politics blog and started writing. After I got better, I had to go to work, so my blogging practically stopped (though my kids have taken up the slack).

I love my relatives, but some of them have an inability to see through the administration (and media) line. So below, I’ve written a blog on what I think is wrong with the Obama approach towards our economic problems and the need for job creation. I hope somebody will read it (besides Stephanie and Matthew).

Not Really a Pivot, Just a Head-Fake

Obama promised in August to “pivot” to focus on jobs. Turns out he didn’t. A pivot is a change in direction (hopefully towards something NEW that works.) The pivot was a 360 degree pivot right back to the same old, tired policies that haven’t worked any of the previous times he tried it in the last 2.5 years.

To create long term, effective employment, you need to have people make something new and useful. The current administration isn’t interested in creating new jobs; instead, Obama is interested in paying off his loyal followers by subsidizing their jobs with federal money. If you are a public sector employee, your job will be protected. If you are a private sector employee, you will be taxed to finance the public sector. Real jobs don’t need direction or subsidies from the federal government.

Obama’s other ideas force choices against the best hires. You’ll get reimbursed (a little) if you hire a worker who has been out of work longer regardless if he is the best choice. It turns out that it is OK, according to the President, to hire the guys who have been waiting longer because the purpose of government expenditures in his mind, is to spread fairness.

Moreover the President intends to keep adding time available for unemployment payments, so if you have to get in the back of the line, he will cover you for almost 2years (now) – or even longer if he has his way. Paying long term unemployment insurance is a bad idea. This sounds harsh, but if you want more of something, you subsidize it.

Don’t Believe What He Says; Watch What He Does

Obama himself said that raising taxes during a depression is a bad idea, but now the way he wants to pay for the same failed, tired ideas is to RAISE TAXES. If we need to free up money, let’s cut some things that really aren’t necessary and are a waste of our spending. Additionally, if he reduced some of the regulations that strangle business initiative, more private money could go to pay people to MAKE THINGS. A colleague of mine has proposed reducing regulations by doubling the size of the limit to be exempted from any and all regulation. For example, if a particular report isn’t required if you company is less than 25 employees, let’s change that to 50.  We can apply this principal for all exemptions based on size of company or size of gross income.

Finally, the great prevaricator claims to want free-trade pacts with Korea, Columbia and others. But Obama hasn’t sent them forward for approval because he is demanding cash for favored friends (union workers). He took the credit for reaching an agreement with South Korea, but HE hasn’t finished the job and sent it to Congress for ratification.

I have several relatives and friends who hear what Obama says, but never look at what he does, and think he is doing great. Because I’m old and cynical, I think he is attempting to hide his true intentions behind rhetorical sleight of hand.

Politics or Leadership

A news/opinion feature I read today states that the whole American Jobs Act has been created so nothing will pass, thereby enabling Obama to demagogue the Republicans as cold hearted during the 2012 campaign. But in fact, it is Obama’s policies that are cold and cruel.  The real result of Obama’s economic and government policies is a decrease in income for most “working class” Americans (especially for minorities), an increase in poverty (especially for children), and MORE people without health care. This is despite (or perhaps because of) his $3 billion stimulus so far, which gave us nothing but crushing national debt.

He wants to take credit for anything good and nothing bad. He won’t lead, but he wants to pay off his sycophants and loyal followers for additional votes in 2012. I believe he is philosophically inimical to the “American” way of life, which values individual responsibility and vigor, and wants to increase the dependent state to add more people who are dependent on HIM and his liberal followers for the basic necessities of life. His only real goal is to ensure his continued power for another four years.

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