Is FTL Travel Possible?

Modern physicists currently say no, but an experiment at the CERN particle accelerator has thrown doubt on Einstein’s theory:

Has a Speeding Neutrino Really Overturned Einstein?
Michio Kaku @ the Wall Street Journal

Physicists fired a beam of neutrinos (exotic, ghost-like particles that can penetrate even the densest of materials) from Switzerland to Italy, over a distance of 454 miles. Much to their amazement, after analyzing 15,000 neutrinos, they found that they traveled faster than the speed of light—one 60-billionth of a second faster, to be precise. In a billionth of a second, a beam of light travels about one foot. So a difference of 60 feet was quite astonishing.

It’ll be interesting to see whether other groups will be able to replicate these results.

One thought on “Is FTL Travel Possible?

  1. The question is…why did those neutrinos travel so fast…was it because they were using a particle accelerator (which is basically a gigantic magnet and therefore capable of warping space time ever so slightly?)

    Tesla's theory that a gigantic superconducting magnetic coil could alter the space/time continuum is the germ upon which Star Trek's warp drive engine was based. Their warp coil was an extremely powerful magnet…you can think of it like it's creating a fold in the piece of paper on which our universe is drawn…or perhaps you can conceive of the distance traveled as along a rubber band…and with a powerful enough magnet, the band can be slackened enough to propel you faster than light.


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