Run Christie Run!

Lest you think I am among the banner-carrying desperate souls who are seeking a transcendent, politics-breaking superhero to come in and blow up the stalemate in Washington with pure force of will…(as Dana Milbank put it in this Washington Post article)…I thought I would assuage those fears preemptively.

I do not think one man, not even someone as skilled as Chris Christie, can save Washington.  I think something like a new Constitutional Convention among the many states is needed to return balance to America.  But before we get there, we do need a competent President in office…and Chris Christie is most definitely competent.  The question is not whether one guy can save DC and all of us from falling into mediocrity and decadence.  The question is whether that guy is a good candidate to beat Obama.  Christie would DESTROY Obama.  Think small first…think big when it’s possible.  We’ve got to beat Obama…and Christie would do it.

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